Sunday, 22 December 2013

Introducing... The New Emma Bridgewater

Sophie Allport has entered my life rather slowly over the last 6 months or so. During our summer trip to Cornwall, her beautiful crockery caught my eye in a small, eclectic surf shop on the beach. Since that point, I've seen her collection popping up in shops here and there until finally, I stumbled across a brand new store devoted entirely to her brand in the Victoria Quarter in Leeds. What a beautiful shop it was – I wish I'd have take a picture so I could show you all – a lovely browsing shop with rustic charm. Perfection!

So it turns out she did my course at the University of Leeds *flicks hair smugly* so naturally I feel even more impressed by her work. Her themes are consistent with a variety of beautiful animal prints on pastel, country shades in the background with her stylish label stitched to every piece. Eventually I could not wait any longer and proceeded to spend a ridiculous amount of money on tea towels...

My favourite print of all is the deer print and that apron has been on my wishlist for some time – we'll have to see what Santa brings! I insisted on getting the tea towel of this print and thought we may as well go 3 for £16 (gotta love a deal despite the fact £16 it's for tea towels...) so threw in some dogs and some chickens too (at the boyfriend's request). We've also been looking for a carrier bag holder as sad as that is but managed to find this super cute labrador one here for around £7/8. In general, I just think all the prints are adorable and hand drawn which I just think adds a lovely authentic touch to any room.

Personally I just think her range is so stunning and unique. Move over Cath Kidston and Emma Bridgewater...

Check out her beautiful things here, if you can get them in time they'd make fabulous Christmas pressies :)

H x

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