Saturday, 9 November 2013

Review: WoodWick Candles

Having received a little tip-off about these from the lovely Fleur de Force, I couldn’t help myself buying a couple of these candles to try. WoodWick Candles have a wooden wick (I state the obvious) so there is a sort of burning, occasionally crackling sound which I personally love, particularly at this time of year – cue super cosy feeling! They also have a fab range of scents and I love the chunky glass and wooden packaging, it feels luxe yet I can't say I'm wowed by the label design (but that's another story!).

One really annoying thing though – I cannot find anywhere I could sniff these in Leeds so I had to take a bit of a punt over which scents I might fancy. Bit of a shame really and even now I’m looking for a third to put on the Christmas List and I have literally no idea what to go for! Anyway, I chose to go for Cinnamon Chai on the boyfriend's request, a lovely spicy, warming scent and Amber Twilight (not a terribly, helpful or descriptive name!), a woody, floral fragrance which I thought would be right up my street!

I absolutely LOVE these candles! They sound and look so beautiful when they burn (the candle has quite a big, ‘licky’ flame) and they burn incredibly well down the jar – so much better than all the other glass jar candles I have. The scent throw with these is also absolutely great, particularly with the Cinnamon Chai which I found quite overpowering to smell cold when it arrived but couldn’t stop raving about (just ask my other half) as soon as I started burning it. It's definitely my current favourite as we step into Winter. I’m often tempted by the likes of Neom, Jo Malone or Diptyque but just can’t justify the price, yet the candles I pick up in TK Maxx, no matter how carefully selected, leave me disappointed in both scent throw and with their ability to burn down nicely. I find this a fantastic compromise at £15.99, proving much longer lasting and attractive than cheaper options. It’d make a fantastic Christmas gift with a slightly different twist!

Have you tried these? Can you recommend me a flavour which I haven’t tried yet? I need a hand! 

You can find them here at

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