Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Holy Grail – Skin Empties

So here it is – Part II of my Holy Grail Empties, this time for skin. If you didn’t see Part I, which was hair, you can catch it here, but the general gist is my empties are always my favourite products that I always repurchase! So… two birds one stone… I call them my Holy Grail Empties! Let’s begin!

REN Radiance Perfecting Serum

Admittedly this was a bit of a splurge when I first bought it, but it’s straight on the Christmas list for this year as it’s just so damn good. Anything with ‘radiance’ in the name just shouts out to me as if I have one skin problem, it’s that it can look quite dull especially because I’m pale. This product works absolute wonders. A little sweep of it all over before my moisturiser at night and in the morning – honestly – my skin looks amazing (even when I feel like crap). Me and my friend road-tested it before an early flight to Barcelona in the summer (I told her it was a magic serum) and with only 3 hours sleep we looked like we’d had 12. She was pretty impressed!

I never use it in the morning as well, as it recommends, and I don’t use it every night either (mainly due to the hefty price tag) so when I do use it, say if I’ve been on a night out or feel particularly groggy, the difference is literally astonishing!

I cannot rave about this product enough but at just under the £30 mark, you’d better save some pennies (or add it to the Christmas list like me!).

Dove Maximum Protection Deodorant

I’m pretty sure this is exactly the same as the Sure Maximum Protection deodorant and at exactly the same price, I interchange them with just whatever I fancy really! I think 90% of my friends use this deodorant (either Sure or Dove) and constantly rave about it (you know who you are!) because it really is the best – to get to the nitty gritty, not even one ounce of a chance of you sweating with this bad boy so I think it’s just great for peace of mind! It is more expensive (£5.30) but lasts a hell of a lot longer than the spray deodorant. Oh and it actually works too.

Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser

Okay so moisturiser is one of those things I really struggle to find a decent one of, and in the past I’ve ended up buying really cheap ones and not really being impressed with the results. Liz Earle skincare, famed for it’s Cleanse and Polish which admittedly is good, actually has much more to offer. This cream smells absolutely divine, really calming and soothing with Avocado Oil and Echinacea and the texture is perfect – not so thick so that I feel like I’m rubbing it in for ages and not too thin that I wonder ‘what’s the point?’ It feels rich and nourishing but sinks in beautifully, and a little tub like this lasts ages. I urge you to go and try it. They have different options for different skin types but if you’re looking for just a good, solid moisturiser, I think this is a great contender. It’s just under £20 but if you get it as part of their monthly skin care set, I think it’s a pretty good deal for the quality.

Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub

What a sad little tub it looks in this picture! It’s the pink one with no labels on, they all came off in the shower which is a bit rubbish I admit! However, the scrub itself is insane! It smells oaty/nutty as you might expect from the name and the scrubby bits are made up of nuts (at least I think they’re nuts!) and make a really great exfoliator. I prefer scrubs with large ‘bits’ far more than small ones as I feel like they just get more done with minimum effort from me. Used just before shaving, this scrub leaves your legs a real treat as it’s also pretty moisturizing (but not oily). At £8 it’s definitely affordable and you can regularly pick it up on a 3 for 2 – can’t go wrong in my book!

Rituals Magic Touch Whipped Body cream

I’ve already done a post raving about this amazing cream which you can find here, but in short it’s the most amazing body cream I have ever found. The scent is beautiful and once on the skin just absolutely shines and being a whipped cream, it’s light and easy to rub in but feels beautifully indulgent and nourishing on the skin. I’m absolutely in love.

I hope you may have found something you like here and please let me know if you have any failsafe products you think I should give a try – I’m all ears!

H x


  1. I'd love to try the REN radiance serum! It sounds great. I love the mask in their radiance line. x

    Gemma // DuggyDimples

    1. The Glycolyctic Mask! I definitely need to try it, next on the list!

      Love your blog by the way :) x

  2. i even have my boyfriend using the girls Sure deodorant. It's so good. I tried the Liz Earle moisturiser and I thought it was so greasy even though I've dry skin. I love all things Ren though. There moisturisers are amazing.

    1. Haha brilliant! It really is that strong though!

      Ahhh thanks for the tip on REN Moisturisers, I'll definitely have to check them out :) H x

  3. I've always wanted to try some Liz Earle, I only ever hear incredible things and I need a good moisturiser.

    Love Em

    1. Give it a try, maybe get the skincare set and give the whole regime a go :) x

  4. Great post! That deodorant is one of my holy grails too! I'm following you now on gfc, google+ and bloglovin, checkout my blog and if you like it follow me too. Let's keep in touch :)