Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Pretty Perfume Faves

Anyone who has read even one of my previous posts will be quite aware of my ‘scents of choice’. Give me a deep, non-powdery, floral, very slightly sweet and woody fragrance and I’m one happy lady! So what are the perfumes that I reach for time and time again? From left, to right…!

Gucci Flora – Gracious Tuberose
Following the success of the Gucci fragrance Flora, they soon released a range with 3 different floral scents – all, I have to say, beautiful. I love this Gracious Tuberose scent. It’s super summery, floral, light and a little sweet. I like that it’s quite playful and not really too much of a grown up scent. All in all, a perfect element of my collection.

Chloe de Roses
Mmm mm mmmm this smells so good! It’s my latest addition to the bunch and it’s beautiful. Probably the sweetest out of the lot but it’s got good floral tones and it’s so longlasting! It’s a great dupe for Jo Malone’s Peony & Blush Suede as  I initially intended to get this but on the swatch in my bag, Chloe literally just hit me every time I opened the zip. I think the packaging is great, the bottle is really classy but cute. Safe to say I’ve been loving this one this month.

Viktor & Rolf – Flowerbomb
Oof, hello you! This is my absolute favourite perfume in the world, my desert island item, it’s simply out of this world. The bottles are always beautiful, this one is especially cute as it's one of the limited edition ones with the really sweet metallic pink and tutu! Compared to the first two, it definitely has a deeper slightly woody note but also a distinct sweet hit – it’s incredibly unique. Actual coolest moment of my life was when I was in a New York Cheesecake Shop and the guy right across the till said in the most incredible American accent “Oh my god, wow you smell amazing, is that vanilla?!” Oh the wonderful effects of this perfume!

Elie Saab
There’s only one word that describes this perfume and that’s jasmine! It’s definitely the most authentic floral of the bunch and I’d say the most grown up scent. I think it works best definitely an evening or autumn/winter scent for me as it’s definitely got a little musky tone. As you can see, it’s another one I’m a huge fan of and it’s been well used!

I rate all of these perfumes and think they make a great collection altogether, I urge everyone to go give them a sniff! What are your faves? Any you think I’d like? I’d love to hear it J

H x


  1. Lovely choices the bottles are all so pretty too

    Carrieanne x

  2. Ooo, I really like the sound of the Chloe De Roses one, might have to go on my christmas list! Xx

  3. I don't have any of those perfumes but the Chole one sounds really nice, plus I love the packaging!