Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Take a Daisy Dip

Like pretty much every other girl/blogger, I am really into my candles, especially now with my new lovely flat I have been going a bit candle crazy! But one candle that has been a long standing favourite of mine is the Lily Flame Daisy Dip candle.

Many moons ago when I wasn’t really on the candle bandwagon, I decided that I might quite like one (and my smelly student room might need one) and so I embarked on a mission to find a nice candle that wouldn’t break the bank. I found these Lily Flame candles when I was wandering around Fenwicks in York, and initially struggled to decide on a scent – the range in general I find quite sweet, which is not really what I look for in a scent. In both perfume and candles, I much prefer a floral, slightly fresh and very slightly sweet scent and that’s exactly what Daisy Dip is.

In the tin, it has such a subtle smell that I really wasn’t sure about it, but once purchased and lit, the scent strength is just perfect and really fills the room without being overpowering – I love it. It burns really nicely down the tin and lasts a really good amount of time in my opinion. The tin itself is super cute, portable and handy – I think the design is really nice though other flavours (can you call it a flavour) are maybe a bit more in your face. I’ve also tried the Lavender and Lime scent which is definitely slightly more potent and was also nice (the mix of floral and fresh that I like), and my Mum, Nan and Auntie have all long loved the scent Gardenia which I have to say is also gorgeous (mental note: must get one) but so far Daisy Dip is the one for me.

My very sad nearly empty tin!

You can pick these up for a very reasonable £8.50 all over the place (John Lewis, Fenwicks, small local stores or online), so go and have a sniff! I just ordered a couple of WoodWick candles so I’ll let you know how those measure up (for twice the price!) in an upcoming post :)

Check out the collection here and let me know if you have any candle recommendations to share! 

H x


  1. Never knew these existed! Will definitely have to go have a smell. Gorgeous photos :-)

    1. Definitely a good cheaper alternative! Ohhhwww thank you :) xx