Sunday, 13 October 2013

Review: Mac Pro Longwear Lipglass

Love the look of lipgloss but hate having to apply it every 5 minutes? Don’t we all. Like MAC’s entire Pro Longwear range, the clue is really in the name; so surely this product can answer all our lip gloss prayers, right?

Being a huge (HUGE) fan of the Cremesheen Lipglasses, I went to MAC looking for a replacement for my sad, little empty tube but got a bit distracted by the promise of a longer lasting Lipglass. I was warned by the MAC Artist that it was a lot stickier than the others, which though that definitely doesn’t appeal, I was prepared for it and so once it was on, it didn’t feel that bad to be honest. I wanted a nice light pink shade as a good alternative to lipstick for a night time look, so went for the shade Long Love Love (it seems to be down as Love Love Love on the site, not sure why). Anyway, I was lured in.

First time I tried to use it at home, I realised why this woman got a job as a makeup artist. This product is the hardest thing to apply and make look good EVER – impossible to do without a mirror (it looks a state if you smooth it on like any normal lipgloss) and takes ages to blend it and make it look right. I found this so disappointing because I really like a lipgloss that I can just sneakily slick on without having to go to the bathroom or get out my compact. However, being a longwear lipgloss I figured that once I got it on I wouldn’t have to worry about all the reapplication. Unfortunately though, this lipgloss makes me so self conscious, I find myself wanting to check in the mirror every 5 mins anyway to make sure it hasn’t all glooped and collected unnattractively on my lips.

You can see the way it kind of gloops just in the middle there

The depth of colour in this lipgloss is great, but unfortunately due to the texture, I find it can look a bit cheap and I feel a bit like once of those ‘more is more’ makeup girls I see – just not my look. For this amount of pigmentation, I’d really want it so be slightly less glue-like, not so much as the Cremesheens but it really seems like there was no middle ground when they created this.

Overall, I am slightly disappointed with this – I had high hopes but now just wish I’d just gone for another Cremesheen and dealt with all that reapplication! Having said this, you don't get this kind of colour with the Cremesheens so I think I will persevere. I’m putting it in the DoBo pile for now (Don’t Bother unless they reformulate). I’ll probably continue to use it but definitely only on evenings (and definitely only in front of the mirror!).


  1. That's a shame about the texture, but the colour does look really pretty on you! I really should make a conscious effort to try out more lipglosses/sticks. I need to break my chapstick comfort zone >_<
    p.s you should really patent 'DoBo'
    New follower! xo

    1. Haha glad you like Dobo! Try the MAC Cremesheen Lipglass in Just Superb, it's beautiful and feels so comfy and balmy – I think you would like it! I followed you earlier too thanks to little Abbie :) xx

  2. Oh no a lot of money too its a nice colour on you but Im the same if the texture isnt nice I cant wear it

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    Carrieanne x

  3. This is a great colour and your eyes are beautiful x