Friday, 11 October 2013

My 'Rituals' Rituals

For those who haven’t heard of Rituals, it’s a fabulous luxury brand at a not too luxury price. It’s very spa like and I suppose much of it follows a very spiritual vibe but I can’t really say I subscribe to all that jazz. Nonetheless, all the products I have tried so far are beautiful and yet I find that it’s not a very well known brand at all and it does surprise me. I’d say it really focuses on body care and skincare, though it also does makeup, which I can’t say I’ve tried. We were lucky enough to get a Rituals store in York where the staff are lovely and so helpful without being invasive, whereas I know in other places the stores are really lacking and their products are often stuffed in the corner of House of Fraser (I know they are in Leeds) without the merest hint of a Sales Advisor about. Such an incredible shame.

So I find it my duty to let you all know how gorgeous it is and I’ve picked 3 products which I just think are beautiful both in scent and feel, which seems to often be a rare combination in this market. So here they are… my favourite shower foam ever – YogiFlow, and my two favourite body creams in the entire world – Magic Touch (their bestseller) and Honey Touch.

I’ll start with YogiFlow first because, well… I found it first! When Rituals first opened in York, a very lovely friend of mine recommended that I go and said that she had got a cheeky shower foam from here which was amazing. I’m usually very dubious of shower foam as some of the cheaper ones on the market seem to be gone in literally 3 washes – I don’t call that value for money at all, even if they are only £2 a pop! But this one, at a slightly steep £8.50, just seems to last and last – way longer than your average shower foam or even your average shower gel. In the shop I had a good sniff of all of them and decided on two – Zensation and YogiFlow. The Zensation scent is also beautiful – it’s described as Rice Milk and Cherry Blossom which is just lovely and subtle (but not in a you struggle to smell it way). It matches the Magic Touch body cream so I’m definitely a huge fan of the scent, but I think YogiFlow just pips it to the post…

The YogiFlow scent is described as Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Oil, which I find so unique. It’s quite hard to imagine how it would smell, but as soon as I did I just had to have it and it’s been a firm favourite ever since! The best way I can describes it is almost like Turkish Delight – a lovely combination of sweet and floral, without being sickly. It’s stunning. Just go and smell it. Now!

The formulation is absolutely stunning too, the bubbles are so fine and smooth that it really is instantly like a creamy foam and a real treat to use, though I have to say I do use it every day (and it will still last for months!). Just a tiny bit of gel foams up into plenty of bubbles to get squeaky clean and also fill the shower with it’s gorgeous scent. It also subtley sticks to your skin in a really nice way so bonus points for that. If you want to dip your toe in the Rituals pool without spending too much, this is definitely a good place to start.

Next up is Magic Touch Whipped Body Cream. I was initially tempted by this as I’d been looking at the body ‘soufflés’ on the market, as sometimes I just find rich creams so hard to work in, but I find using lighter lotions just pointless. As soon as I tried this on my hand in the shop, I fell in love. It melts into your skin so easily and smoothly but you can tell it’s rich and full of moisture for your skin. But once again, it’s the scent that absolutely blows everything else out the water.

This is the first body cream that I’ve actually ever finished and this is because once, I put it on my arms before bed and as I was going to sleep I could smell the gorgeous scent and I absolutely loved it! Once on the skin, this body cream absolutely shines. It was so soothing as it’s such a relaxing smell that after that, I just used it every night as I wanted to smell it going to sleep. This one is Cherry Blossom and Rice Milk, so as you can tell the scent is the similar Japanese-style to Zensation and again, it’s surprisingly strong for such a subtle, light and pleasant scent – it does really stick on the skin though in the tub it might not seem as powerful. Hands down – my favourite product from Rituals and my favourite body cream on this earth. In fact the only one that I’ll bother using regularly.

Very nearly empty pot!

Finally – Honey Touch Whipped body cream. Inevitabley, having loved both YogiFlow and Magic Touch, I was tempted to try a combination of the two. What’s lovely about the Rituals ranges, is each product in a scent range has slight variations in aromatic ingredients. Honey Touch varies from YogiFlow in that it is Indian Rose and Himalayan Honey, with no sign of Sweet Almond Oil, though sadly this makes it slightly less lovely for me, because I’m a sucker for almond! The scent however is still gorgeous, and smells absolutely stunning in the tub, though it doesn’t quite smell as pretty on the skin, which again, is a slight pity. Either way, I know this is a hugely popular product and I do really like it, but I just think I should have tried this before Magic Touch – I’ve clearly been spoilt!

Lovely packaging, especially on this one!

At £17 for these beauties, you’ll have to invest some pennies but they’ll be well worth it, either if you badly need a moisturiser, or if moisturising is more a luxurious treat for you (like me!). Remember though, they always have some kind of deal on, and you always get some freebies at the till (but you didn’t hear it from me) ;)

Let me know what you thought of the lovely Rituals.

H x


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