Monday, 3 February 2014

Pinky Nude Perfection

You know when you look a little bit dead and you just want to slap something on your lips to reinstate the humanness? I always think that day-to-day a nude is ideal – for work, for casual days, for nipping to the shop... but being quite a fair and pale lady, your traditional nude just looks plain gross on me.

Being blonde with your classic English rose complexion, I find I have to avoid brown like the plague. Whether I'm getting blushers or lipsticks, I'll always reach for a pinky shade as I find they are just so much more flattering. So when I came across Topshop's Beehive lipstick on one of my lunch breaks, I was in there like swimwear. The colour immediately struck me as a really good pale-mid pink – not too dusky, not too Barbie,  the ideal shade I had been hankering for. 

I find the formula of Topshop lipsticks vary between shades, but in general I'm a big fan. In fact all Topshop makeup gets a big thumbs up from me. This particular lipstick has a very creamy formula and glides on the lips with total ease. This is another reason why it's a great everyday choice as it's barely detectable on the lips rather than the usual almost dried out feel you get with some other lipsticks. Given this, the wear time isn't long-lasting as you might expect; I'd say you'll get 2-3 hours out of it but in between, the fade will be completely unnoticeable which is ideal.

The most annoying thing about Topshop lipsticks? The packaging is cute but a few days in the handbag and it'll scrape and scratch until you see the metal underneath. One of my older ones is actually completely metal now which does just look a bit scratty! I do love that it's made of metal though as it feels way sleeker than the plastic drug store options – if only they could figure out how to make the coating stick around forever. 

All in all, a fab little product that's an absolute steal at £8 here. If anyone knows any similar products which you think I'll like, definitely let me know below :)

H x


  1. oooh I love Topshop lipsticks they are really good I have not seen this one will have to pick it up looks lovely on!

    mybeautysleuth x

    1. They are surprisingly good, definitely try this shade :) x

  2. Very pretty. I love Topshop make-up.

  3. the shade look so lovely on you! I like this color a lot.

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  5. You have the nicest eyes!& that shade looks great on you. I've only ever tried one topshop lipstick :o !! seriously behind with the times xx

    1. Aww thanks – they have every colour possible in them, bit muddy in my opinion! Get with the program Hannah :) xx

  6. Oo pretty lipstick (:
    I really want to give topshop makeup a go!