Monday, 13 January 2014

Review: Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks

One of my favourite Christmas gifts this year was the rather lovely Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks Gift set and there's a number of reasons why... The daytime friendly tones, easy to apply formula and the sleek and compact packaging to name a few. I admit, I did pop it on the Xmas list myself but just look at them – can you blame me?

So these are all minis of the full size Caviar Sticks which I believe Laura Mercier do all year round so this was the perfect opportunity to try a few different ones and see what I liked and didn't like. Until now, I've also always been a Laura Mercier virgin so this proved a fab way to dip my toe in the LM pond. I already knew the pigmentation would be great as a lovely lady in Space NK had come running over to show me when they first came in, but I actually think they are most lovely because on the eye it's a much more subtle sheen, and not full on shimmer/glitter as you might expect. 

Left to right we've got Sugar Frost, Pink Opal, Rose Gold and Amethyst, all shades which are available in the full size here. I've definitely been using Rose Gold and Amethyst the most as they work so well together to create really simply shading either day to day or for building up on a night. They look SO beautiful together! Pink Opal is simply not my thing so it may just get the occasional inner eye use, but Sugar Frost does look lovely as a nice wash on it's own also. All in all, a pretty good hit rate!

I have not been able to put these down since I got them, in fact I had to try so hard to hold back just so I could get some decent pictures to put on here! So if you're looking for a product which gives you a super easy eye with maximum effect, I can't recommend these enough. Swatch one, and prepare to fall in love...

H x


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  2. Oh wow they're such gorgeous shades! I so wish I'd picked this set up, it looks amazing and fantastic value too! Xx

    1. Haha I did think twice about posting but thought it was okay since you can still get the full size :) xx

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  4. They are gorgeous colours - rose gold is beautiful. Just letting you know I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award! :) xx