Sunday, 9 November 2014

Sunday Pick: Pureology Strength Cure

This week's pick is by a haircare brand called Pureology – a brand I came across thanks to A Model Recommends. Having highlighted, fine, blonde hair, I need to take good care of it or it all starts breaking uncontrollably. I've tried a LOT of strengthening shampoos but this has got to be one of my favourites...

Where most fall short, is they throw tons of 'moisturisingness' into it, which just weighs my hair down leaving it lifeless, fluffy and unmanageable. Other more thickening duos can be unpleasant to use, difficult to lather and leave hair feeling dry. These little beauties feel lovely as they are so easy to lather and distribute throughout the hair; the smell of them is also delicious! Making my hair feel nourished and stronger, it still succeeds in leaving lightness and bounce which to me just feels like a revelation!

The brand itself is serious about colour protection with their registered 'Anti-Fade Complex', so it's great to know that my hard-earned, highlights are in safe hands. The formulas are also sulphate free and 100% vegan with many plant extracts, as well as being dual-benefit meaning they claim a solution for everyone. This is actually the second in the range that I've tried, initially starting with the 'Essential Repair' products which I actually think they're fading out with the release of this. I have to say that my experience with both has been brilliant so I'm sure the rest of the ranges would not disappoint.

Best of all, compared to some professional haircare brands, I'd say the price of these is very reasonable with prices for the two at around £25. You can purchase Pureology here from Lookfantastic.