Sunday, 23 March 2014

Making Waves

Recently, I picked up a couple of new items to add to my hair artillery, both with the aim of ultimately helping my hair grow more by damaging it less. Sometimes, I honestly think I have to care for my hair like it's a small child – I'm forever protecting and nourishing it in an attempt to encourage to grow, hell I've even had my roots stretched into my highlighted hair so I can wave bye bye to the bleach! However, my hair is an unruly beast and I'm only too aware that if didn't need to style it on a daily basis, it would probably already be as long as I'd like it. 

Well, one can't dwell. So I've decided to combat my unlucky, frizzy genes and look for some products that can help me style my hair less and emphasise what I've got, without having to let my hair look terrible.

First up... Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. This product is well known in the blogosphere but every time someone talks about it putting 'grittiness' into your hair I just think ohhh no. I wash my hair every other day so I have been reluctant to try this product (gritty products don't feel good after a second day in my experience) but I'm glad I eventually took the plunge – it works amazingly. Whether I use it on my first day hair for a very natural wavy look (see above), or use it on second day smooth hair to add volume and a bit of effortless curl, I just think this product is fabulous. I do really like to encourage this to shape my hair nicely on freshly dried hair (especially at the back where it tends to be more frizzy) by twisting it in big sections and pinning it loosely for about 15 mins with a touch of hairspray. On a second day (straight or already wavy), just spritz and scrunch...

Secondly... Living Proof Prime Style Extender. I hadn't heard loads about this when I went for it but what I had heard was all good. As I said, I wash my hair every other day, but unfortunately when I wake up on the second day my hair is always a complete state (helloooo Hagrid hair) and I end up starting from scratch with it again. My thought process with this was that if I could find something that would hold my hair more overnight, then even if I did have to style it the first day, I wouldn't need to the second i.e. cutting styling by 50%. And I have to say, this really does work. I do notice a difference with how my hair holds through the day – not only with my new found wavy style (which without these two babies would usually revert to a frizzball with 2 seconds in the elements), but also when I smooth my hair out or curl it too. Furthermore, when I wake up the next day my style is still recognisably there though with a more worn in edge, however I would say this does work way better for me though when I've smoothed my hair out on day one rather than curling or waving. Nonetheless, this product has been a welcome all in one that I've been using religiously since purchase.

I hope you like my new style tips, I can't wait to use this style more and more as we go into Summer! Let me know anything that works for you guys that I should try :)

H x


  1. Your hair, and you, look gorgeous!

  2. pretty :)

  3. I just love the surf spray its a god send and creates gorgeous waves and texture x